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About Us California Clean and Seal

Who Are We? 



About us: California Clean and Seal

California Clean and Seal is proud to serve and, providing services to all your residential, industrial, and commercial concrete needs. We are providing solutions to all your commercial, industrial, and residential concrete restoration needs.


Our company was founded in San Diego, California, in 2007. With attention to emphasize and providing the best services and products for our clients. Like our business motto says, “that’s how a business should operate. Most Importantly, with the attention to demonstrating and maintaining the beauty and integrity of our clients’ hardscape flooring.

In California Clean and Seal, we specialize in all types of residential hardscape flooring. CC&S is proud to serve and provide solutions to all our residential, industrial, and Commercial flooring needs.


We distinguished our services by educating our clients on why and how cleaning and sealing are needed. Furthermore, we clarify how the cleaning and sealing of the concrete or the pavers are done.  For example, when it is required to maintain hardscape flooring surfaces. How often it needs to be maintained. What is frequently? We use a fact-based approach. We set reasonable expectations, and we work extremely hard to exceed those expectations on every project. California Clean & Seal is a San Diego premium restoration and repair company. We proudly provide services to San Diego County and surrounding areas over a decay. In California Clean and Seal, we believe our products and quality services speak for themselves.


Way, it is so important for us?

This is to say. Firstly, we continue to hold to our core values of education—secondly, our projects’ diligence and, thirdly, our work’s integrity. Therefore, we need to maintain the same level of hard work and professionalism. Our company had since it started as a one-person operation. As a result of the hard work, our staff has grown into an extended family that enjoys getting up and working every day. In conclusion, we make sure to treat every project as if it were our own home.


 We are continuing to be a leader in the hardscape restoration sector. Simultaneously, mentors shape our team’s people and educate them on new services. To offer the best possible service range. Significantly by a subspecialty in pavers and concrete works. We array of solutions to residential hardscape and commercial flooring. Consequently doing our best to bring satisfaction to our clients. In Calfornia, clean, and seal, we put value in ethics and passion for our work and commitment.




Our company California Clean and Seal, San Diego restoration company, is committed to
Professionalism, Knowledge, Integrity, and Honesty.


Whether it’s Cleaning, the need for maintenance, A restoration project, installation, or surface protecting, We’ve Got you Covered. Contact Us Today!

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That is to say: Our Mission Statement.

To consistently provide services that deliver more to our customers. Through positive attitudes, together with genuine work-ethic and honest dealing. 

In CC&S, Our attitudes and perspectives shape who we are. Because that how we see the world and how we interact with other people. Our mission is to perform truly quality services to our customers at fair and market competitive prices. We are committed to maintaining the highest professionalism, honesty, and fairness. We value and appreciates our relationships with our suppliers, professional associates, and customers.

Our Goals 

To be one of San Diego’s best hardscape Companies for a hardscape flooring restoration. Furthermore, committed to our customer satisfaction and enhancing services uniquely. Furthermore, it is equally important to build on our skills, innovation, the quality of material, new technology, timely completion, and demonstrating the highest customer satisfaction.

About us, California Clean and Seal.

CC&S establish more than 13 years ago. Since then we gain experience in restoration services and knowledge in the San Diego Area servicing hundreds of homeowners.

About us:

California Concrete Clean and Seal is a restoration and installation, flooring contractor. Licensed by the California Contractors state license board: Insured and bonded.

Our employees are highly experienced and well-trained. In fact, all our employees speak English, demonstrate responsible and correspondingly mannered, always show courtesy and respect. 

Furthermore our employees productive and goal achievers, and our team always ready to educate and answer our customers’ concerns and questions. 


The way we are Different?

To distinguish from other companies, we could easily spout Many things that we think we do well.  But that wouldn’t tell you what makes us different. That is to say, we consulted with our clients and found out why we stand out above the others. Here’s what they consistently reply. For example, our significant difference.  We’re not just a company with a small menu of challenges tied to it. We are a company that takes many challenges. Firstly we always think out of the box and be creative.  For this reason, we are uniquely and notably in the market. Secondly, innovation looks like we can offer different solutions for each of our clients.and we always committed to using only the best material on the market for each of our projects.

Further, we are focusing on consistency and results. Making it more relevant and personally significant for every client. We offer fully custom service (not just a limited menu like our competitors). We Didn’t consider passion for being distinguished because again – who isn’t going to describe themselves as passionate about what they do.  But what we’ve found is that our passion for each of our projects is what drives the difference. 

A job well done is our priority. Therefore we will give you our full commitment.

A majority of the services and the solutions we provide are the restorations of concrete and pavers. We restore the old surface and renew it. We specialize in all types of patios and driveways stamped concrete, flat concrete, pavers, bricks, and flagstone. We also specialize in sidewalks and walkways, pool decks, colored concrete, decorative concrete, retaining walls, firepit, bbq countertop, and more. In masonry construction, we install and repair surfaces such as Flagstone, tile, marble, bricks, and more. We restore and repair retaining walls, stone flooring, tile coping, bricks blocks, and interlocking pavers. We stain concrete, fill the expansion joints, replace mystic, and fills cracks.

For commercial flooring, we offer grinding services with and floor polishing.


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View Our Work- Visit our projects page for a small array of examples from our hundreds of finished projects, Services we provided, and completed to our commercial and residential clients.  In the past decade, we have delivered services to our hundreds of clients. With every project, we plan to increase our portfolio. One job at a time. With the hope that our reputation will reach our client from word of mouth.