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Do you dream of having your own outdoor backyard fire pit or BBQ grill island at your property in San Diego? If so, we can provide you with custom or premade outdoor fire pit options to accommodate your desires.

California Clean & Seal specializes in building custom fireplaces, Installing BBQ islands, and fire pits for our customers throughout San Diego. We can also supply you with several different prebuilt options if you want your fire pit installed faster.

In either case, our team can work diligently to turn your backyard fire pit and grill island design ideas into realities. Give us a call for more information: (619) 818-0113

How to install BBQ Grill Island

1. Firstly, Choose a location for your BBQ grill island. Make sure it is in a spot where it can be enjoyed without blocking pathways or views.

2. Following by preparing the area. Remove any grass or other vegetation, then dig out the area to a depth of at least 6 inches.

3. Place a layer of gravel in the area and then level it with a rake.

4. Place a layer of sand on top of the gravel, and then level it with a rake.

5. Place the BBQ grill island in the center of the area.

6. Make sure it is level and secure before continuing.

9. Spread a layer of concrete around the BBQ island, and then level it with a trowel.

10. Place a layer of stone around the island, and then level it with a trowel.

11. Place a protective cover over the island when not in use.

12. Lastly, enjoy your new BBQ grill island!

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Here are the top five reasons why you can trust California Clean & Seal to design and install your next outdoor backyard firepit and BBQ/Grill Island:

1) Over 10 Years of Experience

California Clean & Seal brings over ten years of professional experience to every custom design job in San Diego. We have a long history of customer satisfaction because we create high-quality firepit and BBQ grill island designs at affordable prices.

2) Fully Licensed and Insured

California Clean & Seal possesses all the necessary insurance policies, licenses, certifications, and other essential credentials to offer these services in San Diego. These credentials ensure our customers that we engage in professional, safe, and honest business practices.

3) Several Customization Options

Do you want a custom outdoor fire pit, kitchen, or island for your yard? Our custom design and installation services come with several customization options to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor features, such as gas logs, fire glass, and gems. This will improve the appearance and resale value of your property.

4) Remodel an Existing Outdoor Firepit

Do you have an old or outdated firepit? If you want to maintain safety on your property, you could hire us to remodel and revitalize your existing outdoor firepit without replacing it. That way, you can get many more years out of the firepit that you love so much.

5) Full Transparency

Our contractors and designers will maintain complete transparency throughout the design and installation process. In addition, we’ll collaborate with you about your requirements and preferences to ensure we design a firepit and island that you love.

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