Polished Floors

When Should Business and Homeowners Polish Thier Floors? Not many people know this, but even when the floor condition looks especially bad, it doesn't mean that you need to start renovating and removing the old floor and install a new one. One of the most exciting and useful solutions for improving the condition and appearance

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Are Your Tree Roots Damaging Pavers?

Tree Roots Damaging Pavers? Very often our company provides services for pavers driveway or backyard patios that get damaged due to tree roots. Tree roots damage the pavers, the roots get under the pavers and lift the stone, which causes the pavers to get pushed out, so it is not leveled with the ground anymore.

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ECO Cleaning and Microbial Cleaning Solutions

Enzymatic cleaning-enzymes are not living organisms. Proteins-enzymes help breaks down all natural materials and make them smaller pieces. Enzymes allow the microbes to process their food faster. That's why California Clean and Seal uses a bioactive maintenance product that has a combination of microbes and enzymes. Examples of Microbes Doing Their Work Products that include

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