While interior renovations are important for setting an ambiance and organizing your space, exterior remodeling is just as important. Having a nice home exterior boosts curb appeal reflects your style, and sets the tone for what vibe to expect inside.

If you’re looking to bring gorgeous backyard designs to life, it’s time to look into landscape renovation costs (and why it’s well worth the money.) Read on to learn

The Real Costs of Landscape Renovation

It’s different to estimate the precise costs of landscape renovation. This is because every home has a distinct size, shape, and aesthetic front and back yard.

Larger Homes with large backyards will cost more to landscape or hardscape, while those with large patios and land will require a design and surface covered. Some people like simple renovations like unicolor grey concrete driveways or patios while others prefer landscaping ideas like colored concrete or stamped concrete. The possibilities are limitless, so you’ll need to contemplate your specific situation and needs.

Some people who are putting their yards through comprehensive renovations will pay over $69,000 to implement their landscaping ideas. You should keep in mind, this is definitely on the average of things. Exterior home remodel projects tend to cost about $18,000-$50,000+.

This price can encompass many things including driveway and patio concrete installation, outdoor kitchen installation, new accessories and features, stone or stamped concrete pathways, and botanical landscaping ideas. It’s overarching. However, no one’s budget will need to accommodate the same features.

What Factors Go Into This Price Tag?

The first thing to consider is how many features you plan to renovate. If you want to get new concrete for your patio and outdoor kitchen, you’ll have higher fees than those who just want to get their hedges trimmed and install a firepit.

Some remodeling jobs cost more than others, and those who want more hardscape of their yard renovated will need to pay for it all. This makes sense – more repairs cost more.

The number of DIY improvements you attempt will also change the price tags. You can fix up your lawn on your own, plant shrubs and bushes, and lay flagstone down into rock gardens on your own. This means that these renovations won’t cost much.

However, this definitely doesn’t mean that you should DIY all your renovations. Many of them are unsafe to do on your own, or you won’t have the equipment to get the job done.

For example, you can’t mix and lay basic concrete on your own, so driveways and patios will always require professional help. This is especially true if you want colored concrete that matches your exterior paint job or stamped concrete that has a lot of interesting and individualistic textures.

These jobs will cost more, but they’re well worth the money. Without quality Installation, your curb appeal will be low because of the sloppy look. It also can be uncomfortable to drive or walk on when it cracks and chips and might also cause concrete moisture problems.

How Can You Estimate Your Specific Costs?

While all projects are different, seeing the average costs of specific renovations can help you decide what you can afford. The average homeowner will pay about:

  • $5,800-$9,600 for driveway replacement
  • $5,000-$15,00 for small patio first-time installation
  • $15,000-$35,000 for large patio first-time installation (especially with unique elements like stamped or decorative concrete)
  • $13,000-$25,000+ for outdoor kitchen first-time installation
  • $70,000-100,000+ for inground pool first-time installation
  • $3,000-$8,000+ for landscaping services
  • $1500+ for firepits

Note that all of the costs that specify first-time installation are for those who want to add a currently non-existent feature. If you have a small patio, maintenance/repaving/redecorating will not cost $5,000+-. $3,000 is a closer estimate in these cases.

As you can see, all of these renovations have a pretty wide price range that encompasses “average costs.” You can use them as ballpark estimates and choose which features matter most to you. However, since they are very rough approximations, you’ll need to talk to an expert to learn how much money your specific renovations will roughly cost so that you can make wise financial decisions.

How to Make the Most of Your Landscaping Services Budget

The first thing to do is look into how much money you have for current renovations. You don’t want to buy things you can’t pay for. Take financing plans into account when available, but don’t rely on them to help you pay for things you can’t afford.

Then, list all of the renovations that are most important to you. Put those that are a higher priority toward the top of the list. For example, if you haven’t fixed a retaining wall in a while, that should go above maintaining the rock garden that you installed six months ago.

Recency of maintenance, the utility of the feature, and how much time you spend looking at or interacting with it will impact the ranking. Most of the time, though, you’ll already have an idea of your priorities.

Then, reach out to California Clean and Seal contractors about how much it will cost to get your highest-priority jobs done. Compare these more specific estimates to your pre-determined budget and decide how many repairs you can accomplish.

To make the most of your funds, make sure that you look for deals, discounts, and promotions when available. Ask the professionals who you hire to complete the job what kinds of financing options they offer. You may be able to break the cost up into manageable chunks.

Remember that, in the end, you’re going to reap financial benefits after any renovations. Some exterior remodel jobs can turn as much as a 100% ROI. Your house will look better and feel more like a home, but you’ll also be able to sell it for a higher profit when the time comes that you want to move.

Get Started With the Best Backyard Trends

Now that you know how to estimate landscape renovation costs and make the most of your budget, it’s time to bring your favorite backyard trends to life. California Clean & Seal is committed to providing restoration services including concrete paving, surface sealing, stamped and colored concrete, and high-quality patio design.

We’re excited to look into your specific space and help you contemplate ways to spruce it up. Request a quote for your renovations to get a rough estimate of the costs and how you can manage them.