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Concrete repair from grinding, acid wash and overlay to stamping, staining and sealing.


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Concrete Installation Concrete Staining, Stamping, Sealing & Cleaning


California Concrete clean and seal specializes in restoration of  old and existing concrete and can turn your concrete from damaged or discolored to a beautiful finished custom surface. Selecting concrete staining is a great way to add color  to your landscape while protecting it at the same time. in our Decorative concrete restoration we use a process that includes applying a acid-based concrete stains to achieve unique natural color blends, earth colors. The colors can imitate many other natural stone designs or surface colors such as flagstone, cobblestone, marble, or even wood. Colors are not limited to the natural tones. we are also able to use more colorful shades such as blue and red. 


Stamped concrete has grown in popularity over the past several years. It is a less expensive way to improve the look of any front yard, backyard with or interior flooring or countertops. Stamped concrete offers a variety of textured and designs to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and various other patterns. California concrete clean and seal is experts for matching stamped concrete pattern new, or old and we can offer verit of stamping techniques to give your exterior or interior flooring surface new life.



Concrete cleaning and sealing is a maintenance process that recommended to be done once in every three to four years. The Sealer application is chosen  based on customer’s personal preference, desired look, and function. We take all these aspects into account and provide solutions that perfectly match our clients needs. Sealers are designed to make the surface of the concrete more stain resistant and protect the concrete from weather exposure, water, grease and oil stains, wearing away and salts and calcium exist in the concrete. Sealer can be used to achieve different looks. There are many kinds of sealers in the markets for example a wet look sealer which is an oil base sealer, a natural penetrating sealer which is  solvent or water based sealer. Each of the chosen sealer will apply to the surface to restore them and to protect it from staining and fading over time. Sealer also protects the surface from UV damage such as discoloration and deterioration.


Concrete demolition and removal requires a skilled, well-trained team.  California Clean and Seal provides services for homeowners in San Diego area, we know that each project must be handled with care while meeting your deadline needs. Whether your repouring your driveway or completely remodeling your landscape, we are the San Diego experts who can get the job done. 


We specialize in cleaning of concrete, stone, bricks, tile. We proved Driveway, back yard, patio, walkway, retainer wall and columns cleaning services.  Our process of heavy cleaning penetrates and breakdown oil, grease, stains deposits. We use a stripping liquid or sealer removal to remove all sealer remnants completely and joint sand to restore the surface to as close to its original state as possible give it as a new look. Cleaning periodically and maintaining the surface extend its service life. It can be difficult to tell when the surface need a cleaning because of the build dirt but after the cleaning you can notice the big difference. We offer multiple ways to deep cleaning the  concrete depending on the type of surface, such as exterior slabs,  flagstone, marble or tile floors. Each requires a different procedure to avoid damaging the surfaces. only recommend this process to be done by a skilled company that familiar with handling sealer removal applicator as it can be complicated and damaging if it’s done without the necessary knowledge. 


We clean with bio-organic cleaners to break down and remove mold & mildew stains appear on hardscape surface like walkway, backyard and front yard. Mold and mildew build on hardscape surface as a result of moisture present.


We power wash to remove all weeds, remove sand between paver joints and re-sand it with a joint stabilizer to prevent future weed growth.


We clean with varying degrees  and detergent of eco-friendly cleaners to remove white haze (the white spots appear on pavers and concrete), more significant areas of staining, efflorescence or old sealer.


We remove your oil stains by power-wash with a citrus-based bio detergent cleaner to remove built-up grease or grime on pavers, tile or concrete.

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Concrete Installation


Whether you need to install a deck for your driveway, walkway or a new patio deck, California Clean and Seal is the San Diego concrete services you need. We offer beautiful and durrable concrete installations of stamped and stained concretes in a variety of different colors and patterns. 


When your hardscape is cracked, faded and outdated, a concrete overlay is a fantastic, ecomonical options. Whether you are covering up the unsightly or you are looking to improve your curb appeal, concrete overlays are the way to go. From a fresh clean new driveway to a gorgeous new stamped and stained patio deck, California Clean and Seal can handle the job.   

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Concrete Commercial & Residential


California Clean & Seal services the greater San Diego areas installing interior flooring and exterior hardscape for commercial customers. Commercial concrete installation is a inexpensive durable alternative to many insterior flooring and exterior hardscape options. 


California Clean & Seal services the greater San Diego areas installing interior flooring and exterior hardscape for residential customers. Residential concrete installation is an inexpensive durable alternative to many insterior flooring and exterior hardscape options. 

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