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We use molds, stencils, or flat installation in our concrete installation services, all tailored to the customer’s specifications.


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Concrete Installation San Diego

Our restoration services include concrete installation for driveways, patio, sidewalk, walkways, and decks. When choosing concrete texture, the market offers many different examples, colors, and designs. With our concrete installation services, we are using molds, stencils, or flat installation to meet our client needs, designed concrete – stamped concrete changes its appearance according to the customer’s choice.

The concrete can appear like a rough surface similar to natural stones, or designed as tiles. It can even simulate wood or flat with a smooth finish (broom finish). We offer a variety of all types of concrete installation and techniques that allows the customer the ability to choose and match the desired specific look of the concrete surface.

Concrete is poured onto the surface at the required height. Then the actual embedding process begins. Before the embossing, abrasive material and paint pigments of color are sprayed on the concrete. The customer chooses the designs; stencils are made according to pre-made molds. The concrete surface is then installed. When finished, the sealer is applied to the new concrete slab for protection.

Concrete Benefits

In recent years, smooth flat concrete has become quite popular both inside and outside due to the elegant look it adds to the interior or exterior of the home. Flat concrete can often be seen in gardens, homes, and other designed and industrial spaces.

Reflecting light properly installed concrete floors, along with a proper choice of colors and sealer finish can enhance the natural or artificial lighting and can help lighten darker places. Concrete will accumulate less dust from non-smoothed concrete, keeping it cleaner. High strength concrete is a durable and highly resistant material for scratches, bruises, and heavyweights. Unlike porcelain tile or marble, the concrete is much more resilient, does not crack under changing climatic conditions and will not quickly break down.

A wide variety of designs are available – the material is very rustic and can fit and blend into many and varied design styles – from a country house to a luxurious and upscale restaurant.

The ease of design of smoothed concrete makes it suitable for any construction and any design.

concrete installation san diego

Economically Efficient

Smoothed concrete is an economically efficient solution for businesses that carry medium to heavy traffic: restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies, clubs, and more. Concrete surfaces hold for a long time and do not require much maintenance at all.

Chemical Resistance

Many detergents contain strong chemicals and various acids that can damage the flooring materials such as natural stone, marble, ceramics, and wood. Concrete is a hard-wearing material that is not affected by high pH, moisture, and other chemicals found in detergents, especially in the type of soap for industrial use. For garages and institutions that see a lot of traffic, it is recommended to choose smooth concrete because of its high durability and low sensitivity to chemicals.

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