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California Clean & SEAL

San Diego County, California

Concrete Staining San Diego County, Ca

San Diego County is one of our service areas for Cal Clean and Seal. We have been offering services in this area for many years now and we have served hundreds of homeowners and businesses who are just about 100% satisfied with our service. We would like to continue to hold our high percentage rate customer satisfaction. That is because we focus on a few key parts in our process. That is that we make sure we are never late to the job, we are always on time with the estimate we gave you. And we are always on time with the original estimation as well. Being punctual is everything when it comes to this business because time is of the essence. The more time we take on the job, the more it is costing you out of pocket. And we are here to save you money. Another reason you should choose us as your preferred contractor is because we only work with excellence and quality. We make sure to put the utmost detail and every job that we do. And you only get that with our company. Please give us a call today so that we can give you an estimate. Note that an estimate is free so it is not going to cost. (619) 373-0941

Concrete Polishing San Diego County. CA

One of our specialties is serving people of the residential and commercial market for concrete polishing. We know that most of the market here in San Diego County is residential and which is why we have given our services towards homeowners. There are a lot of needs at homeowners have when it comes to concrete services and concrete polishing. The most common being the inside of your garage, your backyard, in your driveway. There are a lot of problems that can go wrong with your driveway. Such as cracks, resurfacing, aging, discoloration and all types of things. So whatever the problem you need to get fixed is, we are sure that we can handle it. There has not been a single residential job that we have not been able to take care of. Sometimes you might need your driveway to be ground down because there are a lot of rough spots. Sometimes you might need a new slab poured because it has cracked. Sometimes you might need the inside of your garage cleaned and polished because you wanted to look nice again. Like we said, whatever the problem is, we will be able to handle it. All you need to do is give us a call so that we can get you a free estimate as soon as possible.

Commercial Grinding San Diego County, California

Concrete Grinding is our other specialty here in San Diego County California and here at Cal Clean and Seal, we can assure you that we can handle any problem. Commercial concrete grinding jobs are typically higher ticket items and much bigger than any residential home. Sometimes we do have very large residential jobs but they never match up to the commercial ones. The most common service we see you getting done for commercial is indoor concrete floors grinding needing to be ground and polished. We are very good with grinding and polishing concrete and making it look brand-new. If you have a factory and people are walking on the floor constantly, it is going to get very dirty and that nice polish is going to go away quite fast. You also might be a lot of rough spots and that could mean an unsafe workspace for your employees. So if you have a rough concrete floor that needs to be ground down and then cleaned, then you have definitely come to the right website. We will make that floor look better than it ever has before. It will shine so good that you could be able to see your reflection from it. And it will be so clean that you could eat off of it right after we are done. That is not something you want to do after a few days of work though. So we definitely do not recommend that you do that.

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