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Cardiff By the Sea

Cardiff by the Sea: Paver and Concrete Cleaning and Sealing Services

Cardiff is an excellent and unique place to live and work, and it has some of the most beautiful homes and properties in San Diego County, with some of the most fantastic landscaping and hardscaping. However, the exterior surfaces, due to exposure to sea salt, can become damaged or worn. This required maintenance by deep cleaning, staining, sealing, and repairs. Our restoration service keeps the surface both maintained, aesthetically pleasing, and as long-lasting as possible. California clean and seal restoration and installation Contractors provides services in Cardiff as a leading surface restoration company, and our company provides a multitude of services to Cardiff homeowners. For maintenance, restoration, or installation services, give us a call. We can help. We are servicing Cardiff By the Sea, San Diego, CALIFORNIA.

Concrete installation  in Cardiff by the Sea

Cal Clean and Seal is a San Diego-based contractor specializing in concrete installation, restoration, and all types of hardscapes such as pavers, tile, marble, stone, pebble, exposed aggregate, and more.   We provide services to Cardiff homeowners, including Acid wash, stucco repair, mastic replacement or repair, grinding, soil compaction, and more.  Concrete restoration  in Cardiff by the Sea

Many of the homes in Cardiff, San Diego are over 50 years old, and homeowners understand that they need to continual maintenance of their outdoor patio, pool deck, walkway, and driveway, by maintaining the exterior surfaces for their property.  It is known in the industry that the surface will last longer and be protected from nature exposures if well-kept. At California Clean and Seal, we know our client needs, and Our services provide the longevity and quality the hardscapes needs. For Free Estimate (619) 818-0113 or (858) 205-1559.

Concrete Staining Cardiff by the Sea

If you are searching for concrete staining contractors in Cardiff by the Sea, we provide some of the highest quality services. If you need concrete staining,  we can provide that for you. Concrete staining is a great way to make your concrete look great, and we can offer you a variety of designs and colors. Please contact us for your options and to find out more.

Concrete acid wash cleaning Cardiff by the Sea

If your concrete surface needs to be acid washed to remove old sealer or paint. California Clean and Seal can provide you with that service as well. We offer Acid wash pressure washing, stain removal, sealing removal, power washing, deep cleaning, weed removal, and more. All of our detergents are eco-friendly, so they won’t harm your plants. Our concrete cleaning services in Cardiff are done with professional employees who hold the latest techniques in surface restoration. Our concrete Deep cleaning services are pervasive, with attention to detail and to the surface conditions.

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