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Cardiff By the Sea

Cardiff by the Sea: Surface Cleaning and Sealing Services

Cardiff is an amazing and unique place to live and work, and it has some of the most beautiful homes and properties in San Diego County with some of the most amazing exterior and hardscape surfaces around. However, the surfaces, both interior and exterior, of our homes and businesses can become damaged or worn, and thus you will need some sort of surface cleaning, sealing, or restoration service to keep the surface both maintained, aesthetically pleasing and as long lasting as possible. That’s where we come into the picture. As Cardiff’s leading surface restoration company, California Clean and Seal provides a multitude of surface cleaning and sealing services that are second to none. We hope to earn your business and provide for you a beautiful, brand new looking surface in Cardiff By the Sea, CA.

Oil Stain Removal in Cardiff by the Sea

Cal Clean and Seal is the company who can remove oil stains from concrete or pavers without damaging your expensive hardscape and the surrounding landscape. Our skilled technicians can also remove and replace the sealer from your driveway if this is a service that you need. Regardless of if you have pavers or concrete, a light acid wash in most cases can remove rust and grease and can be removed with our services. At California Clean and Seal, we will make an attempt to remove all types of stains from your surface, but no guarantee can be made. However, going with us is going to give you the best bet for removing all the stains.

Concrete Polishing in Cardiff by the Sea

Many homeowners and businesses understand that they need continual maintenance of their concrete or other surface, and choose our concrete polishing maintenance services for their property because they know it makes their surface last longer and enhances it by making look better. By applying a concrete polish, we can remove stains, wear and tear, and make the surface appear great. Polishing is great option because it provides longevity and quality that you’re looking for.

Concrete Staining Cardiff by the Sea

As one of the top concrete staining contractors in Cardiff by the Sea, we provide some of the highest quality services around. When you need concrete staining, you’re may be looking for a serious enhancement of your surface and we can provide that for you. Concrete staining is a great way to make your concrete look great, and we can offer you a variety of designs and colors. Please contact us for your options and to find out more.

Concrete Cleaning Cardiff by the Sea

If your concrete surface needs to be washed or cleaned, California Clean and Seal can provide you that service as well. We offer pressure washing, stain removal, sealing, power washing, weed removal and more. All of our detergents are eco-friendly so they won’t harm your plants. Our concrete cleaning services in Cardiff are done with professional, licensed and insured contractors who hold the highest certifications in safety and stay up to date on the latest techniques. Our concrete cleaning services are very extensive, so you won’t have to worry about a job half way done– we’ll complete the process all the way through!

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