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California Clean and Seal is a concrete and pavers restoration contractor servicing Del Mar and all San Diego. specalized in all type of flooring options, polished concrete is a great way to maintain a sustainable flooring design. Polished concrete is simply a concrete floor that has been properly treated with a non-harsh chemical, but it’s not as simple as that. There’s actually a 14 step process that you need to take to really do a good job and where are some of the best concrete contractors in Coronado that know how to do this specialized finish To enhance polished concrete, dyes and stains are often applied to create polished concrete or stained concrete. Some options like the creation of radial lines, bands, grids, borders and other designs can also be applied to your stamped concrete options. These floors can be maintained at a lower cost and they are long-lasting. It is also interesting to note that it’s high coefficient to friction makes its non-slippery, so if you are afraid of falling down, the polished concrete floor will suit you or your business, because we work with some of the largest buildings in the area. With a polished concrete floor, you don’t have to put on your lights during daytime all the time, because the polished concrete floor improves natural lighting as they are highly reflective. Let’s look at some services that you can get for your concrete floors polishing in the Coronado area.


Concrete polishing Del Mar – We offer a wide array of services for concrete polishing and concrete overlay in Del Mar. We offer these services in office complexes, school lunchrooms, foyers, pubs, hospitals, interior and exterior of various homes, retail stores and commercial spaces and many other living spaces. The commercial polished concrete service offered by Cal Clean and Seal ensures that marble-type shine is created and maintained in most cases. We also use diamonds in the process for a near-perfect finish. When polishing the exterior parts like footpaths and driveways, we do not high-polish like the interior parts in order to create a safe non-slip surface. Many homeowners will benefit from polishing services from California Clean and Seal as they will hold the heat in winter and stay cool in summer. The floor will also be protected from moisture- related damage. Therefore, services from concrete polishing Del Mar will ensure you save on cost and they secure.


The beauty of hard concrete and tile floors will interest many especially when they imagine it being in their homes or in their businesses. It is a harsh reality for them to realize that high-quality floor resurfacing and concrete polishing contractors are limited in supply in the San Diego region, but we won’t charge you the highest prices in the market. Concrete staining Del Mar services will ensure you have sprawling wall-to-wall concrete floors because of their experience and excellent work in stained concrete. Concrete is cheap and it will greatly add beauty to your home or your business. California Clean and Seal can put any effect you want and desire in your living space or commercial property. If you are thinking of importing various expensive agates, concrete can save you and do you better. The various stunning works of art will greatly help in designing or remodeling you home.


There are also concrete grinding Del Mar services that will ensure variety of treatment in various surfaces. Our company can do doorway rebate grinding mainly in doorways of factories and warehouses as well as the entire surface for you. We use a specialized technique that grinds away the rim of the rebate using diamonds to create a sloped ramp, which will ensure smooth passage through the doorway. In case of errors in the floor like one slab being higher than the other, the company can also correct the errors to be in the same position. They use the diamond grinding can, which is a dry-vacuumed machine to correct all imperfections in the concrete surface. We can also treat rain-damaged concrete by grinding away the damaged sectors for good looking appearances in the floor.

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