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Encinitas is a very unique city in North San Diego County. It encompasses three Incorporated areas-one of those being Cardiff by the Sea, the others – Encinitas, and Leucadia. Encinitas has a few different neighborhoods including the downtown area, Swamis, Old Encinitas, New Encinitas and Olivenhain. It also has some of the most amazing beaches in the world: Moonlight Beach, Fletcher’s Cove, Swamis, D Street Beach as well as Cardiff State Park Beach – all attract track tourists from all over the world. One of the reasons why Encinitas is not only because of the natural beauty of rolling hills and amazing cliffs near the beach, but it’s also very well kept and beautiful is because it’s very clean. If you walk around any part of town, you’ll notice how clean it actually is, and that people take care of their things on their property. The same is true for business owners. They keep their property in their buildings looking great in order to attract more customers . California Clean and Seal helps both business owners and homeowners keep their property is looking amazing but keeping their services such as concrete, pavers, tile, and any other services looking the best they possibly can.


One of our most popular services is concrete staining. Concrete staining can alter the color and the texture of concrete from plain gray to basically any color or design that you want. It’s a form of decorative concrete and we have people choose from a variety of options. Many people don’t realize how much you can actually do with concrete stain, but when we show them some of our previous work, their eyes light up at the possibilities. If you need any sort of concrete staining in Encinitas, please feel free to reach out to us in anytime to discuss your options and to get a free quote. Will be happy to sit down with you and see how we can serve you.


Concrete polishing is also one of our premier services here in California clean and seal. We take great pride in our work and we perform our services at a very high level for some of the most prestigious businesses in and around Encinitas. Your flooring or concrete is an investment. We get that. And we can help you improve the quality and lifetime of that investment by providing our concrete polishing services in Encinitas. Your surfaces will look new again and many our customers rave about how great their surface looks. In addition to concrete polishing, and we can also provide concrete repair or do oil stain removal from driveways if you need it in addition to or before our concrete polishing services. As always we are just a call away from a free quote


Many times, concrete grinding needs to be performed before any resurfacing job starts. Concrete grinding level out the surface in order for a sealant for polishing job last even longer. California clean and seal is one of the top concrete grinding contractors in Encinitas as well as the entire San Diego area. We have been performing high-quality services and making customers satisfied for over 10 years, and hope to serve you and your home or business in the near future.

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