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When your concrete is cracked, faded, and outdated, a concrete resurfacing or concrete overlay is a excellent option. Concrete resurfacing or concrete overlay is a very solid and reliable option to have, however over the years concrete can decay and crack. Also surrounding vegetation can affect the concrete by staining and weakening its lifespan. There are a variety of concrete resurfacing or concrete overlay options on the market, with concrete stencil designs available for your perusal. Concrete resurfacing (or overlay) is quite versatile and can recreate many different designs by using concrete resurfacing stencils: for example flagstone, cobblestone, and tile. Applying the different types of concrete staining can match the color of surroundings like the color of your house or the landscaping. In addition different types of sealer can be used: a wet look sealer, matte look, or a natural finish.


With commercial warehouse flooring the concrete can become just as damaged as residential concrete. Some commercial concrete flooring uses carpet or epoxy to cover the floor when it is time to remove the carpet or to restore the epoxy. During that process the concrete can be damaged and then an overlay concrete or concrete resurfacing becomes an option for commercial restoration flooring. In some commercial projects there is a need for new flooring installation, commercial concrete resurfacing is an affordable option and will restore the existing flooring, thus avoiding the need to completely tear down the flooring. Some commercial concrete project require supports. For heavy traffic where industrial machinery travels on the flooring each day, concrete density is important to help the flooring support the heavy weight. Sometimes there is a need for grinding the existing concrete, then polishing the surface. This will improve the safety of the work space and restore the old concrete. This is an inexpensive and durable alternative to many interior flooring and exterior options. Indoor resurfacing maintenance is just as important as outdoors resurfacing maintenance, you must maintain the health of your concrete to preserve it for many years to come.

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