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To ensure the best service possible we follow a specific process when restoring every hardscape.

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Pavers cleaning and sealing in Coronado


When it comes to paver restoration options, acid wash is a great way to bring your paver back to life. Paver cleaning is a maintenance process that has been properly treated with a non-harsh chemical, but it’s not as simple as that. There’s actually few steps process that you need to take to really do a good paver cleaning job, and we are one of the best concrete contractors in Coronado that know how to do this. specialized in coating finishes to enhance existing paver. When it come to sealer there are different types to choose from, it’s essential to know the pro and cons of each one as it required a different maintenance process. Water base sealers can be maintained at a lower cost, and they are long-lasting, while oil base sealers will need to be removed and reapplied once a year . Let’s look at some services that you can get for your paver hardscape in the Coronado area.


Paver cleaning services Coronado – We offer a wide array of services for pavers cleaning in Coronado. We offer these services in office complexes, school lunchrooms, foyers, pubs, hospitals, interior and exterior of various homes, retail stores and commercial spaces and many other exterior spaces. Our Cleaning and sealing service offered by Cal Clean and Seal ensures that the paver will be maintained and long lasting. We also experts Acid wash – Sealer removal for a complete restoration service. Many homeowners will benefit from our cleaning and sealing services as the paver will hold for many years to come. The paver will also be protected from moisture- related damage.


Homeowners to realize that high-quality pavers become so dole. The restoration process will bring the pavers back to life.The beauty of the pavers after it get sealed provide home owner lots of pride of their hardscape condition. Our Paver sealing services in Coronado will ensure to protect the paver and to provide them with long lasting life. It will add great beauty to your home or your business. California Clean and Seal can put a great effect so you can enjoy your outdoor living space. We can greatly help in restoring and maintaining your paver.


When it comes to cleaning the paver it is important to make sure there are attached together and that there is no shifting of the soil. To make sure the pavers are attached and not moving, it is important to refill the joint with a stabilizer. In the market, there are two different types of joints that are commonly used when the paver is installed. Contractors use regular sand or polymeric sand. The application and the curing are made in different processes. it is recommended to be done by professional providers to prevent issues in the coming months. Our crews have years of experience in joint stabilizer application, and we can help our clients choose the right fit for them.

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