Concrete stain solutions are used to add rich permanent colors to concrete surfaces. You can have fun with different stain colors and create some original special effects on your concrete floors, countertops or any other surfaces made of concrete material.

The concrete stains don’t produce solid colors, though. As the staining formula penetrates deep into the concrete surface, it creates a more translucent color tone. If you applied the same staining solution to different concrete surfaces, the color wouldn’t look 100% the same on them. That way, it adds more originality and creativity to the aesthetics of your concrete surfaces. If you need concrete staining services in San Diego, give us a call today! (619) 818-0113

Keep reading to learn how long stained concrete lasts


Stained concrete mixed in concrete, while installed, has the potential to last many years. In fact, many concrete staining products come with a long time guarantee. It’s a different situation if concrete staining applies to the concrete. It’s recommended to stain the concrete once in four years to enhance the color that fades away, especially if its exterior surface that is exposed to sunlight. Staining the concrete gives the option to change the concrete surface color at some point in the future as desired.

What is the Condition of the Concrete?

A staining solution can apply to fresh concrete, but it’s also a great renew old concrete appearance. If you try to stain older concrete, a stripping must apply first; it will help the concrete to become pores so the stain can soak into the surface. Older concrete surfaces are likely to have existing debris and chemicals, such as glue, grime, sealers, and coatings, all need to be completely removed before the staining solution apply.

Stains cannot penetrate a concrete surface properly if it is covered with these elements. The surface will likely appear distorted or messy because some concrete pores will get stained more than others. It will not provide the visual outcome you will want to achieve.

Another consideration is the physical condition of the concrete surface. For example, does it have any cracks or chips in it? If so, you don’t want to apply a staining solution to a damaged concrete surface. Instead, it would be a much better idea to have the concrete resurfaced first and prep before staining.

Which Stain Product Offers Longer Lasting Results?

how long does stained concrete lastWhen you search for staining products at your local home improvement store, you should see acid-based concrete stain products and water-based concrete stain products. What is the difference between each one of them?

Acid-based concrete stain products are made by dissolving inorganic metallic salts in acid and water. This formula creates a layer that covers the concrete so the stain will not penetrate the concrete surface easily and create film bond on the top of the concrete. It produces more of a translucent color than a solid color. Acid-base staining it’s harder to remove than water-based staining.

Water-based concrete stain products usually contain a mixture of pigments and polymers. They will give your concrete surface a blend of opaqueness and translucency. The color of the water-based stain will penetrate in. There is no chemical reaction with water-based staining, and the colors are more transparent than with acid-base staining.

Each type of product should last just as long as the other. The choice really depends on the colors and looks that you want for your concrete surfaces. The longevity will be the same if you apply the stain to the concrete correctly. The lifespan of the staining involves many factors the weather plays a big role. Sun, snow, rain, moisture, and traffic, all affect the duration and need to be considered.

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