The landscape of your yard is more than just your grass and decorative plants.  Your hardscape or the patio and pavers areas that grace your front, back or side yards add beauty and functionality to the life you live.  These hardscapes are usually made up of flagstone or concrete, they can surround or shape our yard and house as well as be found on the ground with which we walk to and from the inside or outside of our house.

They offer you a stable environment where you can sit and enjoy the nature around you.  They provide you with a place to have parties during the summer and cookouts. Big or small these decorative yard landscapes are simple and elegant.

Like the rest of your yard, they require maintenance and careful upkeep to maintain their beauty and extend the life of the products so that you can enjoy your outdoor environment for many years to come.  Sometimes we forget about taking care of them because they don’t droop or wilt in the sun or when they haven’t been watered in a few days. They won’t change die off or shrink in size.

The good news is that these pavers and stone products don’t require a tremendous amount of maintenance or care in order to look beautiful or last a long time.  Whether your hardscape products are brand new or you had them install many years ago using a sealant and possibly stain protectant and color enhancement products will ensure the beauty and durability of your hardscape.  For the sealant, you can select either a matt finish or a high gloss finish.

Sweeping regularly to keep debris from building up on their surface is essential.  If you don’t sweep there is a high likelihood that mold and mildew can build up on the surface.  This will not only look unattractive but also wear away at the stone or paver itself. You can also use your garden hose to finish off the process for anything that might be stuck in and around the pavers.

Every season you can use a power washer or strong bristle brush with some dish soap with water to work to remove any difficult stains that you may find.  Another option is hardscape cleaning products, you will want to read the instructions prior to using for concrete staining and concrete sealing to ensure proper use.

Seasonally inspect the hardscape for weeds that may be growing within the cracks and crevices.  Look for a breakdown or erosion of the polymer sand between and under the pavers. If you find this then you need to address it by re-sanding these joint areas and sealing the surface again for added protection and durability.  While going through this process using the sealant to help the sand within the joints stay you will mix it in and press it within the joint.

While inspecting if you see the joint size increasing between each paver or stone, this is known as a creep or the stones moving outward and separating.  This is not a situation to ignore because it can cause increased problems with the life of your patio. It usually happens during the winter months, changes in climate temperatures and within high traffic areas.  Weather plays a large role in the lifetime of any product that is outside. Rain falling upon them flooding the area. Sun blazing down, snow, ice, and wind, leaves, plant overgrowth, you name it, it all factors into the beauty and life of a patio.

To assist in the life of your patio you need to clean out any weeds that you may find within and around the pavers or stones, this may need to be done every day depending on where you live.  You will want to remove the roots as well as the plant itself so that you can ensure that the plant will not return later.

Your home is a haven for you to relax and enjoy life, you will want to keep it functioning and looking great for the future generations or if you ever plan to sell it.  Hardscape landscaping brings extra value and worth to an existing home because of its wow factor, therefore, you don’t want any concrete staining, the ability to gracefully harmonize the inside to outside areas to bring functionality to any home sometimes requires concrete sealing.

As you may have guessed maintenance is a vital part of keeping anything running or working well and bringing beauty and life to what it is around.  Taking the time to do this will keep your pavers in great shape for many years to come, adding value and beauty to your home. Investing the time regularly to combat such hazards as weather and traffic will add time on to the stone’s life.  This can save you money in the long run because you won’t need to redo the whole patio or stonework which can be very costly in time and finances.

If you find yourself in a situation where time and energy has not been given to the flagstone cleaning and sealing and it is damaged or worn away, you may need to hire a professional company who handles hardscape flooring service restoration to perform the work for you.  A hardscape flooring service restoration company will work to bring the beauty of your outdoor hardscape back to its beautiful state. These flagstone cleaning and sealing companies understand how important your patio and hardscape is to the overall look of your yard. They work hard and are dedicated to providing you with quality services you can count on.

Whichever method you choose for concrete sealing and concrete staining, whether you plan to perform these sometimes-difficult tasks yourself or hire a professional the overall outcome is well worth the effort to you and your yards.  Hardscape flooring service restoration and flagstone cleaning and sealing are necessary parts of caring for your yard’s hardscape, extending its life and beauty for years to come.