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To ensure the best service possible we follow a specific process when restoring every hardscape.


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Upon arriving at the property, we walk the potential job site with our client in order to gather as much information about the specific needs of the client. Once we gain an understanding of what our client desires, we give our assessment as to the services that would best suit their needs. Once services have been selected, we then go over the specifics of what the client can expect for the duration of the maintenance. For example, in most instances it is best to have the surrounding vegetation trimmed back in order to expose the entirety of the hardscape surface so that we can clean everything thoroughly.


In order to ensure that our process is the most suitable for the particular surface that is to be cleaned, we will clean a sample area in order to show our client the results that they can expect from California Clean & Seal, Inc.


The first step in our cleaning process is to wet down the surface to be cleaned to ensure that the cleaning agents are applied evenly throughout, as well as any over-splash to surrounding areas is diluted to the point that they have little to no effect.


After the area has been wet down and prepared, the selected cleaning agent is then applied to a portion of the surface, scrubbed in and allowed to sit for a few minutes in order to let the cleaners take effect. The area is then power-washed to thoroughly clean the surface up to the agreed upon specifications. This step is repeated throughout the entire project until it has all been cleaned.



When all cleaning has been completed, the entire project is rinsed down with fresh water to ensure all cleaners have been removed and the hardscape surface is up to our standards. We also rinse down all of the surrounding vegetation, plant beds, and all surfaces affected during our maintenance to leave the property as close to its original form as possible. When all cleaning is finished, the area is left to dry for approximately 2-3 days (depending on the weather) before we return and re-seal the project.


Once the area is completely dried out, the project is ready to be sealed. In the case of pavers, we will refill the joints with sand to the appropriate level (1/8″-1/4″ below the surface) in order to maintain the esthetic of the paver and also because if the joints are overfilled the sealer will crack and chip over time. The excess sand is then blown off to ensure a clean surface. In the case of all other surfaces, we blow off any dust/debris that has fallen onto the surface in our absence to prepare the area for sealing.


Surface must be clean from dirt, weeds, mold, grease before it can be seal it is also important that there is no signs of Efflorescence or white chalky material.  Clean The Surface and proper preparation is very important prior to sealing process. If its not remove there is a risk sealing the substance in pavers.


To clean your pavers, we use a light power washer and cleaning detergent  to effectively clean the pavers prior to sealing. If there are stains, we spots treat them. There is no point sealing the pavers and keeping the stains inside. The stains will just ruin the effect you are trying to achieve for the pavers. It is important to let the surface completely dry, 2-3 days waiting period is needed.

When the pavers are clean, a sealing applicator can apply.  We suggest that an experienced person should do the task for you.

Re-Sand to uniform levels  1/8 to 1/4 ” Below the surface of the pavers with loose joint sand, This process will keep the sand solidified as long as there is no movement or shifting of the pavers.


Choose the right paver sealer that meet the needs. Take note that not all sealers will work for your specific paving material such as concrete, stones or bricks.  It’s important to have a train and knowledgeable service company handle the task of applying the sealer. Pavers sealing is not an easy job. Hiring professionals to help you with the sealing job is always the best option.


If you are in San Diego, California Clean and Seal has years of experience in paver maintenance. We are a company  you can trust.

We have the right knowledge when it comes to sealing so you can be certain that we can effectively preserve your pavers. In addition , our company use only good quality sealers that are appropriate for the paving materials installed in your driveways or patios.

Our success over the past years has led us to expand throughout Southern California in order to continue the steady growth of the company. We have and will continue to hold true to our core values of education, diligence, and integrity. Through these values, we have been able to maintain the same level of hard work and professionalism that the company had when it began as a one-man operation. We have since grown our staff into an extended family that simply enjoys getting up and going to work every day. Allow us to show you that there are still people out there who treat every project as if it were their own home and you will not be let down.

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