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Paver Cleaning and Sealing services in San Diego


Paver Cleaning and Sealing Restoring and Repairing


Whether you need to clean and seal paver in your driveway, or have a new walkway or beautiful patio deck, California Clean and Seal Pavers Restoration services are the leading San Diego experts in this trade. We specialize in paver Acid wash and can provide the paving service it requires. Pavers have become increasingly popular in the past several years due to their versatility and durability. The benefits of pavers range from color and pattern variation, improved drainage and easier repair and maintenance. Call us today if you need your paver clean and seal or pavers acid-washed in San Diego.

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Before and after pavers cleaning and sealing


Once your pavers have been installed or restored, adding a sealer will help to maintain the pavers’ pristine new look for up to 18 months. It is recommended to seal your pavers after installation. California Clean and Seal pavers sealing services will help you choose a sealer that is based on your personal preference and function. Whether it is penetrating water base sealer or acrylic sealer, paver sealer is formulated to make the surface of the pavers more stain resistant and protect the material from extreme weather and wear and tear. Pavers sealing also helps to solidify loose joint sand into a hardened grout so the pavers will not move or shift with time. It is recommended by the industry to seal the pavers every three to four years. Contact us today for a free estimate for pavers sealing in San Diego.

Pavers driveway sealing San Diego


A lot of wear can happen with pavers: in high traffic areas such as a driveway, pavers pool decks can fade and become dull after years of hot or cold weather, rain and foot traffic. Choosing to use a wet look sealer will add a shiny appearance to your pavers. A wet look sealing is acrylic based and can take between 4 to 12 hours to dry before it’s allowed to be walked on and will continue to harden for up to 48 hours. Natural penetrating sealing is a silane siloxane hybrid type of sealer and it will not darken the pavers but will protect and enhance the pavers because it contains a law solid water base sealer. It is not recommended to use solvent based sealer over a water base sealer as the solvents can destroy both coatings. A stripping process must be used prior to the solvent sealer application. Solvent based sealer will darken the surface, however, while the water base sealer will have law glass level-matte. It is important to clean and seal the pavers and maintain it every three to four years.

Paver walkway repair


California Clean and Seal pavers services has over 10 years of experience in replacing damaged pavers. Paver damage is common and can happen over time for a variety of different reasons which include issues with the base sand, tree roots growing under the pavers that can cause the ground to shift. Pavers themselves can also shift and crack.

Paver repair sometimes will require the removal of the existing pavers and re-leveling and compacting the base sand or gravel, or removing any roots or plants that have grown below the paver surface. If you need pavers repair give us a call for free estimate.


Over time, pavers can become faded from the weather and the sun and stained from water, sprinkles and fertilizer. Seasonal and weather changes, foot traffic, and other natural elements all play a role in damaging the pavers. California Clean and Seal pavers services has the expertise to restore your pavers and make them look almost new. We use a light power washer and cleaning detergent to effectively clean the pavers. Paver cleaning and sealing can include the removal of hard water sediment, mildew, weeds and grease. One of our specialties is pavers stripping and deep cleaning. The stripping process will restore the pavers and remove weeds, bringing the old pavers back to life.


We clean with bio-organic cleaners to break down and remove mold and mildew stains appearing on hardscape surfaces like walkways, backyards and front yards. Mold and mildew will build up on hardscape surface as a result of excessive moisture.


We power wash to remove all weeds, remove sand between paver joints and re-sand with a joint stabilizer to prevent future weed growth. The process of refilling the sand within the joints should be done every 3 to 4 years.


We remove oil stains via power-wash using a citrus-based bio-detergent cleaner to remove built-up grease or grime on pavers, tile or concrete.


Paver Installation services   Commercial & Residential


California Clean and Seal pavers services include all types of pavers installation including Bellgard, Avalon Slate, Cambridge, Cobble stones, Catalina pavers, Holland, and more. We also specialize in pavers restoration for commercial customers. In our portfolio many homeowner’s associations in San Diego county utilize our services. Commercial paver installation is used in commercial common areas, pool decks and driveways. This provides a beautiful, durable and rich environment. Our skilled team can help to take any commercial project to the next level. With wide range of colors and patterns, pavers are a preferred choice for many projects.


California Clean and Seal pavers service specializes in providing pavers installation to homeowners all over San Diego County. We love to listen to our clients and provide all their installation needs. Our pavers installation areas include pavers driveway, walkway and sidewalk, patio and exterior pool deck. With more than a decade of experience we provide our clients with all their flooring hardscape requirements. Residential paver installation can take your front yard or backyard area to another level of sophistication, providing a resort-style backyard which you can enjoy all year round. With a variety of color, texture and pattern options, residential pavers installations are ideal for any driveway, walkway, patio or pool deck.

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