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 Pavers Installation in San Diego

Paver installation

paver installation


California Concrete Clean and Seal provides pavers installation to all San Diego areas. Our team provides our clients with the highest quality paver installation services for both commercial and residential outdoor pavers surfaces. Specializing in pavers patio decks installation, pavers driveways, pavers walkway, sidewalk, including backyards or front yards.

Your unique taste and style should be represented in the type of paver and paver arrangement you select as there are so many choices available in the market. This is also a great way to increase your property value. Pavers for driveway should be designed to accommodate heavy vehicles and extensive foot traffic which is different from pavers installed in the patio. Patios aren’t required to support heavy weight. Pavers installed in pool decks are exposed to chlorine and water and so require special pavers. After the pavers installation it is very important to maintain the pavers’ condition, cleaning and sealing is required periodically since after several years the pavers can shift as a result of the ground movement.

paver installation

pavers installation

paver installation

paver installation

California Concrete Clean and Seal provides paver installation to all of San Diego area. Our team specializes in the highest quality of paver concrete installation for our clients’ needs for both commercial and residential customers. Paver patio installation can be a long lasting solution that fits our customers’ needs. Pool decks Paver installations offer our clients beauty and low maintenance. Our customers can choose from different paver stones and patterns. We can customize the paver color to match your home and the surrounding landscape. Paver walkways installations are solid and favored material which require little maintenance and will last for a long time.

Decorative paver is used to enhance the look of your hardscape with a variety options. This is a very energy efficient option, as opposed to using landscape, it can reduce the usage of water, and blends well with the overall scenery. Decorative paver installation is durable and will increase the property value will last for many years, but It is essential to maintain the paver to maintain its life span, cleaning and sealing is required periodically since the color fade over the years. For free estimate please visit our contact page!

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paver installation


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