Poway Hardscape Services

Poway Services includes Installation, restoration, and Maintenance

Poway Professional Concrete and paver services


Poway Hardscape Installation and Restoration services.

We are experts in Installation, Restoration, and Maintenance.

California clean and Seal is a premium Installation, and restoration contractor that specializes in all types of hardscape surfaces, concrete, pavers, flagstone, and all type of tile, Mexican and stiletto tile, and cobblestones, marble. Our restoration services in Poway can increase your home’s value. your will enjoy your hardscape and your outdoors. We are masters in Back yard installation: All types of Decks, patios, landings, walkways, retainer walls, and more. Restoration of all types of exterior hardscape flooring. We offer different types of sealers to match your hardscape surface needs. We are trying to educate our client with our years of experience in handling hardscapes of all types of moisture-related problems such as Efflorescence or white chalk marks. In Poway, it is important to maintain the hardscape protect it. sealing is highly recommended and  maintenance routine is  suggested.

Poway Saltillo, Flagstone, Natural Stone, Exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, marble.

In Poway, outdoor surfaces like decks, patio, sidewalk and driveways grow weeds soon after rain season. To maintain Hardscape appearance it’s important to occasionally, clean and seal your brick, pavers or stone, concrete in order to protect it and extend the lifespan. Sealing your Hardscape surface will address all those issues and will protect it.

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