A hardscape project is when you use solid materials to construct an environmental structure into the exterior landscape of a property. Some examples of hardscapes include patios, walkways, driveways, decks, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, and retaining walls.

Plan your hardscape project before any work begins. First, you’ll need to figure out what you want to build and where to build it in your yard. Will the hardscape go in the front yard or backyard? Will it connect to the house or be separate? Is it a big or small project? These are the kinds of questions you need to consider when planning your hardscape project. If you need a hardscape contractor in San Diego, give California Clean & Seal a call today! (619) 818-0113

Below are four tips to help you get started. If you follow each of these tips, you should have a successful outcome when planning your hardscape project.

1) Create a Budget for the Hardscape Project

The most important way to plan for a hardscape project is to create a budget for the entire thing. Otherwise, you might find that you cannot afford to continue the project when you’re midway through it.

Creating a budget will allow you to figure out which features you can afford to include in the hardscape. That way, you don’t set unrealistic expectations for the outcome as you’re working on it. Instead, you’ll have a completely balanced budget which details the costs and expenses of every aspect of the project from beginning to end.

2) Measure the Workable Area Size

You may have a lot of ideas for your hardscape project, but that doesn’t mean they’re all doable. The amount of workable space around your property is a huge factor in determining what can be accomplished. So, make sure you measure the workable area size in the location where the hardscape structure will be constructed.

If you find there is not enough space available, you may need to amend your objectives accordingly. Perhaps you could choose a different location in the yard for your hardscape structure. Either that or reduce some of the features you originally wanted for it.

planning your hardscape project in san diego3) Find a Professional Contractor

Hardscape projects are not for DIYers. Even if you think you’re handy around the house, a hardscape project is more sophisticated than a typical household project. There are several specific details and factors which have to be considered when planning such a project. Only a licensed and experienced contractor is equipped to evaluate the size and scope of the project correctly.

4) Investigate Local Construction Regulations

Most jurisdictions don’t give property owners the freedom to build whatever hardscape structure they want on their property. So what you have to do is get approval from the governing authorities of your property, such as the local building and zoning department and your homeowner’s association, if applicable.

Your city may require you to submit your hardscape building plans to them for approval. If the building plans satisfy local building requirements, they will issue you a building permit so that you can begin construction on the hardscape project.

Failure to get a permit and approval from the local government or HOA could result in fines and penalties.


An experience contractor will have creative ideas and different cost effective materials so it’s good to brain storm and share ideas. The contractor can also share their artistic skills and knowledge with you to make your hardscape project amazing. It is very important to involve the contractor in your vision, it will help the hardscape contractor get the feel for what you want the final product to be. If you need a hardscape contractor in San Diego, give California Clean & Seal a call today! (619) 818-0113